Discover the Power of Your Personality

Facet5 is one of the most modern and advanced measures of personality. Available in over 30 languages and used world-wide, it helps people at any age and at any point in their life understand their behaviour, actions and motivations. More importantly, you will discover what can be achieved with that understanding.

Discover how your personality and behaviours affect all aspects of your life and learn what you can do with this wealth of new knowledge.

Find out how valuable a Facet5 profile can be for an individual, a leader, an employee, an employer or the culture of an organization.

How can you get started? It’s easy! Your Facet5 journey begins with an online questionnaire. The questionnaire takes about 20 minuets and you can complete it at work, at home or in the park. As long as you can get on the internet you can complete a Facet5 questionnaire.

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TeamScape: not a way to escape your team….but a way to enhance it

There is a lot written about personality assessment and how it can be used in a workplace environment. Although technically meant for individuals, personality assessment tools such as Facet5 can also be a powerful tool in a team environment as well.


It all starts with individual assessment, but what happens after you complete a Facet5 profile? One of the great things about Facet5 is that it doesn’t stand alone. Once each member of your team has completed their individual profiles then you are ready for TeamScape.

TeamScape is a visual tool that will highlight the various clusters of personality within your team. Considering that people rarely work in isolation, TeamScape will teach you how to maximize the strengths within your team while also showing you how to minimize the risks. Continue reading

The ‘Coles Notes’ on TeamScape

TeamScape is a visual tool that will highlight the various clusters of personality within your team. It is integrated with Facet5 and together these tools can help organizations with things such as forming new teams, support teams through change, or identifying the strengths and risks within a team. This is a web base tool, like Facet5 and the comprehensive data is returned to you in the form of easy to read reports. Click on our TeamScape Brochure to learn more.

Affection: Is it really about how nice I am?

Which words do you most relate to? Sympathetic, Compassionate, Realistic, Objective. Affection is one of the 5 facets that make up a Facet5 profile and it has nothing to do with how nice you are or how many hugs you give. The Affection score focuses more on how you are around people and how you interact with them. Are you quite direct or more subtle? Continue reading

Happy Graduation!

Are you finishing up grad school and ready to get into your chosen field? Or have you been out of school for a couple of years and are looking to get your career started?

As students you have spent so many years of your life working to pass the test or get the right mark. Now you are ready to enter the workforce and many employers ask perspective employees to take a personality test, or assessment. When completing a personality assessment, it is not about right or wrong answers. It is about discovering your own personality traits and how they would work in your selected field.

Why wait until you are applying for a job to complete a personality assessment? Be proactive! Continue reading

Cross Roads

Are you looking to move in a new direction in your life, personally or professionally? Are you considering a career change or a move within your current organization?

If the answers to these questions intrigue you then a Facet5 profile is perfect for you.

Many people choose Facet5 because they want to understand themselves better as part of their own self-development. The profile explains how people differ in their behaviour, motivations and attitudes.

Continue reading

Just in time for Valentine’s Day…Do Opposites Really Attract?

Happy Valentine’s Day! As we celebrate this day of love, have you ever wondered why Cupid pointed his arrow at you and your true love?


Wrapped up in all the myth and emotions of Valentine’s Day, some science can actually give us some answers to that question.

This week I read an article from Facet5 Global that provides some insight into why we might choose someone like us or someone completely opposite to us.

Click here an enjoy a Facet5 Valentine from me.